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 Oracle SOASuite Basics

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PostSubject: Oracle SOASuite Basics   Oracle SOASuite Basics Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 10:10 am

Oracle SOASuite Basics
SOA Suite Components

Mediator and Service BusóDisambiguation

Similar to Mediator, Oracle Service Bus also performs mediation activities in Oracle SOA Suite.While both the Mediator and the Service Bus can perform such tasks as interface and data mapping, routing,
and filtering, their scopes are very different: the Mediator is a component that performs intra-composite mediation, to connect components within a given composite. The Service Bus on the other hand is in charge of inter-composite mediation, that is to say that it connects differentcomposites togetheróand while doing that, it can also carry out other fundamental tasks of a service bus such as service virtualization, protocol translation, service pooling, and so on.

Relationship of Applications, Projects, and Composites in JDeveloper

A JDeveloper (JDev) application contains one or more JDev projects. When you are developing SOA technologies, a JDev project is equal to a composite application.

|---- JDev Project ( CCValidation) ---- SOA Composite (CCValidation )
|----JDev Project ( AccountRegistration) ---- SOA Composite ( AccountRegistration )

About the Adapter Wizards

Most adapter wizards follow a common flow explained in below diagram -

First give name to the new adapter. Then establish a connection to the target system: it could be a database, some applicationóor even just a file system (in which case, it is not really a connection, but simply a path). After this, select an operationóthe operations that are offered by the wizard will of course be different for each target system: a database will offer the expected SQL operations
(select, insert, delete, and a few more), a file system will be read or write, and so on. Finally, in the last stage, specify the objects on which you are going to be operating: database tables, specific files, or directories in the file system, records in an application and so on.
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Oracle SOASuite Basics
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