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 Load Runner Basics

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PostSubject: Load Runner Basics   Load Runner Basics Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 11:02 am

Online Customers prefer to shopping with the Applications which have good functionality and Response time, So to success in online business the Performance of the Web Applications should be good otherwise customers will simply switch to Competitor Sites

1. Difference between Functional testing and Performance Testing
Functionality Testing:
Do business processes function properly after implementation or not

Load Testing:

1. Will the Application handle the Expected Load?
2. Does the Application respond quickly enough for the user?
3. Do business processes function properly under heavy load?

2. When Load Testing comes into picture

3. Why Load Test your Web Application?
• Resolving Performance Problems before deployment is more cost efficient
• The Failure of Production server due to performance problem is huge loss to the business
• Deploy with confidence

4. Disadvantage of Performance testing through Manual Testing

• Difficult to maintain resources like test engineers and Client machines
• Difficult to synchronize users
• Difficult to collect and analyze results
• Difficult to achieve test repeatability

5. Advantage of Load Testing Tool

• Overcomes resource limitations
• Replaces testers with “Virtual Users”
• Runs many Vusers on few machines
• Controller manages the Vusers
• Meaningful results with analysis tools
• Repeats tests with scripted actions

6. Terminology & Concepts in Performance Testing

Think Time: Is the idle time of user with the web application between one request and next request.

Request 1 Request 2
( (Enter user id & Pwd And Click on Sign in)

Think Time

Load Generator Machine: It is a computer used to send requests remotely, also called as Host machine or Load Driving machine.
• Load distribution among load generators is useful to generate heavy load.
• Remote command launcher enables the controller to start the application on the Host machine. ---RCL is whatever local request can be converted into remote request.
• Agent is interface between host machine and controller.

Console Machine: It is a computer, which controls and manages the load test.

Vusers: Vusers emulate the actions of human users working with your applications. A scenario can contain tens, hundreds or even thousands of Vusers

Vuser Script : Recorded script that, when played back, emulate a real user performing the actions.

Business Process: A set of user actions performed in an application to accomplish a business task. Often referred to as a “transaction.”

Response Time: Interval between user’s request and the system response

User’s Request System Response

Response Time

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Load Runner Basics
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