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 Writing Data in HTML

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Writing Data in HTML Empty
PostSubject: Writing Data in HTML   Writing Data in HTML Icon_minitimeTue Oct 28, 2014 4:57 pm

' Extract the data from the worksheet to newly created DataTable starting at
' first row and first column for 10 rows or until the first empty row appears.
Dim dataTable = worksheet.CreateDataTable(New CreateDataTableOptions() With
        .StartRow = 0,
        .StartColumn = 0,
        .NumberOfRows = 10,
        .ExtractDataOptions = ExtractDataOptions.StopAtFirstEmptyRow
' Change the value of the first cell in the DataTable.
dataTable.Rows(0)(0) = "Hello world!"
' Insert the data from DataTable to the worksheet starting at cell "A1".
    New InsertDataTableOptions("A1") With {.ColumnHeaders = True})
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Writing Data in HTML
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