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 Security and Portability Testing

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Security and Portability Testing Empty
PostSubject: Security and Portability Testing   Security and Portability Testing Icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2014 5:22 pm

Security Testing
Security testing involves the testing of Software in order to identify any flaws ad gaps from security and vulnerability point of view. Following are the main aspects which Security testing should ensure:
Software is secure against known and unknown vulnerabilities.
Software data is secure.
Software is according to all security regulations.
Input checking and validation.
SQL insertion attacks.
Injection flaws.
Session management issues.
Cross-site scripting attacks.
Buffer overflows vulnerabilities.
Directory traversal attacks.

Portability Testing
Portability testing includes the testing of Software with intend that it should be re-useable and can be moved from another Software as well. Following are the strategies that can be used for Portability testing.
Transferred installed Software from one computer to another.
Building executable (.exe) to run the Software on different platforms.
Portability testing can be considered as one of the sub parts of System testing, as this testing type includes the overall testing of Software with respect to its usage over different environments. Computer Hardware, Operating Systems and Browsers are the major focus of Portability testing. Following are some pre-conditions for Portability testing:
Software should be designed and coded, keeping in mind Portability Requirements.
Unit testing has been performed on the associated components.
Integration testing has been performed.
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Security and Portability Testing
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