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PostSubject: POC   POC Icon_minitimeThu Oct 09, 2014 3:20 pm

POC (Proof of Concept)
We must also ensure that the application or technology in hand is actually supported by VS Coded UI Test by doing a POC on key scenarios. Many a times there might be custom controls and other components that are not automatable / supported by Coded UI out-of-the-box or need customization or are not worth automating due to low ROI. The outcome of this activity should help you decide your approach and next steps. You may mark the
non-automatable test cases as out-of-scope for automation.
·         Have you done a feasibility study to ensure VS 2010 Coded UI supports your application?
·         Identify key scenarios of your application and ensure that they are supported by VS 2010 Coded UI by coding few scripts and checking the results.
·         Does your application have 3rd party controls or custom controls?
·         Ensure that you call out the tests which are not supported by VS 2010 as “out-of-scope” for automation.
·         Testability:  Have you worked with the development team to ensure that the properties of the objects are exposed and set appropriately for smooth automation?
·         It is extremely important to work with the development team to work on the testability right from the design phase to make automation easier later in the cycle.
 Automation Estimation 
The estimation will decide the success or failure of your automation project as it has been observed that automation can take much more time than anticipated if all the key tasks involved in automation lifecycle development are not clearly analyze and considered  while estimating.
The following major activities in each phase of automation must be estimated. 
Automation Initiation
·         Tool/Framework Feasibility Study
·         POC 
                   Framework Design/Implement
·         Design and Implement Various Framework Components
·         Testing the Framework Components and End to End Testing
·         Training Resources on the Framework/Tool
·         Environment Setup
               Script Development Phase
·         Script Creation
·         Script Debugging
·         Script Review
·         Review Comments Incorporation
               Script Execution Phase
·         Environment Setup
·         Result Analysis
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