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1)How do u give the siverity and priority of a bug?
ANS: based on test plan and bug. Severity is based on fucntionality
and priority is based on test proceedings or business req.
2)One example for limitation bug?
ANS: When you open a webpage in 1024X768 resolution which was
designed in 800X600, you may see white border on both sides of a
webpage which can be considered as a bug. but because of design, it
will be a limitation.
3)How do u test the usability of an installer?
Ans: Short cuts, Default Folder Locations, ReStart of system etc..
4)What is the difference b/w unique key and primary key?
ANS: Uniqu allows single Null, Primary Key doesn't allwo Null.
Primary key only allwos Foreign Key mapping.
5)What r the five elements of a bug?
6)What is the process for implementing chnage recquests?
ANS: CR docs-> Impact Analysis->Design and develope-> Test->Release.
7)When do u go for automation?
ANS: Whenever more retesting is required or precise test results are
required. Re testing is seen for SANITY CHECKS, Critical
Fucntionality Checks, WrokFlow related req, data driven requirements

1.what type of testing u perform first while doing BLACK BOX
testing ?
ANS: It depends on the project and time availability. If it is a
normal project with comfortable time lines, we start the testing
with UI and validations. These are also called as UnitLevel checks.

2.what is soap,AIS,CAT testing ?
ANS: SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol . It is a technique which
we generally observe while working with Webservices. Its a
lightweight messaging protocol with Envolop, Encoding Rules and
Conversion etc.
AIS - There are some software with this name, but I am not sure what
do you mean.
CAT - Computer Aided Test. It is generally the automation.

3.what is a incident logging system ?
ANS: It will be a tool like testDirector where observations can be
logged. This cna be used by developers or testers or end users
depending upon the application.

4.diff b\w UAT&CAT ?
ANS: UAT - User Acceptance Testing for highpriority business req.

5how is testing unique for Retek RMS modules ?
ANS: Probably its specific to your CV.. Smile

Fr carryin out peformance testing, you first need to decide if it is
single person or multi person testing.
If Single Person:
1. You can test one functionality at a time. so identify the
differnt functionality to be considered for performance testng.
idetify the testdata and also identify the what paramets you want to
identify like Time/Throughput etc.
2. The functional testcases can be used just by changing the checks
and expected results.

If Multi Person:
1. You can test a scenario i.e group of fnctionality tested
2. Performance testcase should have the scenario info i.e
fun1+Fun3+.. etc . It should also have the parameters to be

NOTE: If you are using Windows system, you can use perfmon.msc as a
tool of analysis.

1)What is the need of integration testing?
ANS: To test the interfaces or dependencies betweens dofferent
modules/ components of teh system. if they are not tested at
individual components, they can trouble many fucntionalities after
system integration or system testing.
2)What are the diff. types of joins in DB?
ANS: There are many classifications for this. But one common one is
A. SelfJoin
B.Inner Join
C. Outer Join
3)What is the i/p for automation?
ANS: Testcases or preferable test scenarios and AUT. (Application
Under test)
4)What types of testcases u will automate?
ANS: Sanity Checks, critical Functionality checks, data driven tests.
5)What are the few imp. bugs we found in the project?
ANS: What is your project? Smile
6)How do you write the TCs and what are the i/p for writing TCs?
ANS: inputs are Req docs(SRS/Usecases) and Design docs (UI Design,
DB Design etc)

How can u identify by seeing the web page that it is a security

when we open the any security site , it automaticaly use the HTTPS protocal
HTTPS is an encrypted form of HTTP used for sending sensitive data like credit card numbers between the browser and the web server. This is also sometimes called Secure HTTP or SSL (which stands for Secure Sockets Layer).

7. What is the difference between QC and QA
Prevents the introduction of issues or defects
Detects, reports and corrects defects

QA is the responsibility of the entire team.
QC is the responsibility of the tester.

An activity that establishes and evaluates the processes to produce the products An activity which verifies if the product meets pre-defined standards.

It Helps to establish processes.
It helps to Implements the process
QA improves the process that is applied to multiple products that will ever be produced by a process.
QC improves the development of a specific product or service
It is Preventive Technique It is Corrective technique
QA personnel should not perform quality control unless doing it to validate quality control is working.
QC personnel may perform quality assurance tasks if and when required
1.what is database integration?
ANS: having cnnection between Db and application of other DB. This
need to be tested as part of DB integration.
In general we see DB connection with Application Servers. But few
applications will have multiple databases involved. Then integration
is required b/w databases.

2.Test process of ur company?

ANS: Start from Req Analysis using Usecases/SRS- >Testcases prep-
>review-> test bed Setup including data->Diff testings based on
project->acceptance and Rel& maintenance.

This ia very imp question and just ans is not sufficient. You need to
maintain the flow and able to discuss one of your project as example.

Hope your job search is started...

You are correct but not complete. Architecure means how we are going
to maintain/distribute the application components.
It can be 1-Tier/ 2-Tier/ 3 tier.

A. Generally client server is seen as 2 tier like VB&oracle appl. It
is alos possible to have 3-tier in client server. Eg. SAP

B. Generalli Webbased are seen as 3 tier like But we
can also see them like 2 tier like news papers/ portals.

Pls check the newly attached file on architecture info.
1. SQL

„« Name at least two of the system databases used by MSSQL
Server other than user added databases. (2)

„« Explain the meaning of the notation aztec.dbo.overnite. (1)

(Assume that the tables required for the following questions are in
the current database, Transact or ANSI format)

„« select all records with the string 'wilson' from the surname
field in the employee table. (1)

„« update the 'modified' field in the clockin table with the
current datetime where 'deleted' field has a NULL . (1)

« select the whole row of table1, where the name field doesn‘¦t
appear in table2.(2)

„« Write the SQL that selects the whole row of the sales table
where the 'end date' datetime field is between '1/1/2002 03:00'
and '31/10/2004 03:00', then order the results by the 'employeeID'


„« What would you setup on a drive/folder to allow mapping to
it? (1)

„« Name any command line program could you use to test
connectivity to another networked device? (assume using TCP/IP).(1)

„« Explain the client server model.(2)


„« What are the recording methods available in WinRunner?

Context Sensitive Mode & Analog Mode

„« What is the difference between wait statement and
synchronisation points?

„« What command would you use to connect to a SQL Server
database? (2)

„« How would you update the 'Expected Results' of a script?(1)

„« We have a form (Your Details) that pops up asking for user
input. There's a First name and Surname edit box, and a Button
labelled OK. From the point of the box popping up, write the TSL to
enter your First name into the First name box, your surname into the
Surname box, and click the OK button

1) what do you mean by process engineering related to QA?
ANS: Analysing the different activities invovled, identify the
existing process, identify the gaps in the process, define a new
process which would be smooth and complete.
> 2) Who can be called as a good tester?
ANS: A tester who tests all the cleints requirements when time is
permitting or a tester who tests the business critical requirements
when time constratints are there... A tester who has good enthu,
who is diplomatic, a team player .. A tester who has OUT OF BOX
thuinking, a tester who has good analytical skills..
> 3) what is the best test case that you have written in your
project till now?
ANS: Pls pick a testcases which has data dependency b/w two
different projects..
> 4) Do you use any tool for writing test cases?
ANS: MS-Excel or Test Director or any internal tool
> 5) who raises the CR's?
ANS: Client/enduser raises the CRs. But they will be assed by
Business/leads and a decission will be made on whether to accept it
or not. If accepting, the schedules etc will also be decided. This
tasks are carried using IMPACT ANALYSIS approach.

. what is wireless testing? how do we do it?
ANS: It will be embeded testign where the communication is through
wireless network. You will have to test the communication efficiency
and effectiveness. Ie. Data should be transfered in time and no data
should be lost. You will also need to test who is teh receiver and
any encrption of the data.

I would say, it purely depends on the Wireless device you test.

2. what are the concepts a test engineer should have knowledge

ANS: Windows/Database/ Web/ManualTestin g(TestPlan, TestCases, diff
phases of testing, Bug)/One automation tool .

3. how do u classify testing of wireless products?
ANS: Not clear.

use case:
A use case is a set of scenarios that describing an interaction between a user and a system. A use case diagram displays the relationship among actors and use cases. The two main components of a use case diagram are use cases and actors. It is nothing but pictorial representatin.
Functinonal requirement- i it is written document represents the functionality of the application.

3.Why do we go for system testing if we are through with
integration testing?

In tegration testing is used when we combine the Low level componet to High level Unints

but after combined the hole system , we use system testing to test the hole system.(Application ).

what are the different testings we perform in system testing?
GUI Testing
Regression testing
compatability( for web applications) . etc..

4.Why it is necessary to get the apllication to base state
in WR or QTP at the time of execution?

When we run the script the wr checkS the GUI object in GUI MAP with application objects. THAT TIME IT FAILS . becasue of that we must plase application in base state.
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