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PostSubject: Real Faqs   Real Faqs Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 5:20 pm

give me some example for high severity and low priority defect?
if suppose the title of the particular concern is not spelled corectly,it would give a negative ICICC is spelled as a tittle for the project of the concern ICICI.then it is a high severity,low priority defect.

18.what is basis for testcase review?
the main basis for the test case review is
1.testing techniques oriented review
2.requirements oriented review
3.defects oriented review.

19.what are the contents of SRS documents?
Software requirements specifications and Functional requirements specifications.

20.What is difference between the Web application testing and Client Server testing?
Testing the application in intranet(withoutbrowser) is an example for client -server.(The company firewalls for the server are not open to outside world. Outside people cannot access the application.)So there will be limited number of people using that application.
Testing an application in internet(using browser) is called webtesting. The application which is accessable by numerous numbers around the world(World wide web.)
So testing web application, apart from the above said two testings there are many other testings to be done depending on the type of web application we are testing.
If it is a secured application (like banking site- we go for security testing etc.)
If it is a ecommerce testing application we go for Usability etc.. testings.

21.Explain your web application archtechture?
web application is tested in 3 phases
1. web tier testing --> browser compatibility
2. middle tier testing --> functionality, security
3. data base tier testing --> database integrity, contents

22.suppose the product/appication has to deliver to client at 5.00PM,At that time you or your team member caught a high severity defect at 3PM.(Remember defect is high severity)But the the client is cannot wait for long time.You should deliver the product at 5.00Pm exactly.then what is the procedure you follow?
the bug is high severity only so we send the application to the client and find out the severity is preyority or not. if its preyority then we ask him to wait.
Here we found defects/bugs in the last minute of the deliveryor realese date
Then we have two options
1.explain the situation to client and ask some more time to fix the bug.
2.If the client is not ready to give some some time then analyse the impact of defect/bug and try to find workarounds for the defect and mention these issues in the release notes as known issues or known limitations or known bugs. Here the workaround means remeady process to be followed to overcome the defect effect.
3.Normally this known issues or known limitations(defects) will be fixed in next version or next release of the software

23.Give me examples for high priority and low severity defects?
Suppose in one banking application there is one module ATM Facility. in that ATM facility when ever we are dipositing/withdrawing money it is not showing any conformation message but actually at the back end it is happening properly with out any mistake means only missing
of message . in this case as it is happenig properly so there is nothing wrong with the application but as end user is not getting any conformation message so he/she will be
confuse for this.So we can consider this issue as HIGH Priority but LOW Severity defects..

24.Explain about Bug life cycle?
2) open defect->
3)send to developer
4)->if accepted moves to step5 else sends the bug to tester gain
5)fixed by developer ->
6)regression testing->
7)no problem inbuilt and signoff
Cool->if problem in built reopen the issue send to step3

25.How can you report the defect using excel sheet?
To report the defect using excel sheet
Mention : The Feture that been effected.
mention : Test Case ID (Which fail you can even mention any other which are dependency on this bug)
Mention : Actual Behavior
Mention : Expected Behavior as mentioned in Test Case or EFS or EBS or SRS document with section
Mention : Your Test Setup used during Testing
Mention : Steps to Re-Produce the bug
Mention : Additional Info
Mention : Attach a Screen Shot if it is a GUI bug
Mention : Which other features it is blocking because of this bug that you are unable to
execute the test cases.
Mention : How much time you took to execute that test case or follow that specific TC
which leaded to bug
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