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1)Error seeding is also known as Debugging.
2)Risk management is not needed for testing projects.
3)Measurement is not a key factor for manage testing projects.
4)The time needed to fix the defect may be proportional to its age.
5)Testing makes the product with absense of defects.
6)Top-down integration is where the component for a new product developement becomes available from the bottom.
7)The longer the defect exist in our software product the less expensive it is to remove.
8)Sequence diagrams are used to identify temporal end to end messages.
9)Negative testing is done to verify the known test conditions.
10)compatibility matrix contains the data values about application.
11)Verification and Validation are mutually exclusive
12)Symbolic execution is verification technique
13)Visual testing is a tool for coverage analysis
14)Pareto diagram is restricted to identifying and analysing code defect.
15)Testing Metrics shows the efficiency of tests in uncovering errors.
16)SDK is the abbreviation of Source Deployment Kit.
17)Use case is one of the testing tool in object oriented system.
18)Accessibility tools are known as Assistive technologies
19)you shoul alwaz design ur black box test first.
20)It is acceptable to release a s/w product tht has configuration bugs.
21)Intrusive form of capture/playback is performed within multiple systems.
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Answer the Questions
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