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PostSubject: faqs   faqs Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 5:43 pm

1. What Technical Environments have you worked with?
Ans) Java, .NET, include the testing environment that u worked with..
2. Have you ever converted Test Scenarios into Test Cases?
Ans) Yes, define a suite of test scenarios, develop test cases that will validate the scenarios, and create test data to support the test cases
3. What is the ONE key element of 'test case'?
4. What is the ONE key element of a Test Plan?
5. What is SQA testing? tell us steps of SQA testing
Ans) to remove defects from software we use SQA, steps-->create a test strategy, test plan, test scnario's, test cases, test execution, test reporting, test log..
6. How do you promote the concept of phase containment and defect prevention?
Ans) Both are Metrics and both provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the error and defect detection processes in each phase of SDLC.
7. Which Methodology you follow in your Testcase?
Ans) Equivalence partitioning, Boundary value analysis, Error Guessing
8. Specify the tools used by MNC companies
Ans) It depends upon the companies that they effort to buy tools
9. What are the test cases prepared by the testing team
Ans) Integration, system, Accpetance(user), performance
10. During the start of the project how will the company come to an conclusion that tool is required for testing or not?
Ans) In my compnay, they decide upon the client request and also it depends on cost, time, resources
11. Define Bug Life Cycle? What is Metrics
12. What is a Test procedure?
13. What is the difference between SYSTEM TESTING and END-TO-END TESTING?
14. What is Traceability Matrix? Is there any interchangeable term for Traceability Matrix ?Are Traceability Matrix and Test Matrix same or Different ?
Ans) Both are different
Traceablilty matrix is nothing but tracing the id's right from the Requirement spec id till defect id such as tracking the specified defect if for that specified requirement id.
Test metrics is the mathmetical formula which can be drived from various factors (defect rised, test case pass etc).
15. What is the difference between an exception and an error?
Ans) Exception is a run time error where as interrupt is an event that arises due to software or hard ware.when ever specific event occurs interrupts are enabled
16. Correct bug tracking process - Reporting, Re-testing, Debigging, .....?
Ans) Reporting, debugging, Re-Testing
17. What is the difference between bug and defect?
Ans) due to mistakes in coding, testers find mismatches in the application, and they post them as defetcs, in the developing environment, if the developer accepts that the posted defect is a bug, then he will fix..
Note: Bug will deviate from expected result
18. How much time is/should be alloated for Testing out of total Development time based on industry standards?
Ans) time will be included in test plan and it also depends upon the project, minimum 25% - 35% of development time (time taken for analysis and coding)should be allocated for the testing process
19. What are test bugs?
Ans) A test bug? i dont know what is a test bug, i have heard about code error, design error bugs but not test bug, the bug found during the implemention of the test case is called testing bugs that means testing only.... but how it can be test bugs..
20. Define Quality - bug free, Functionality working or both?
Ans)Quality is some what dependent on requirements, If the product is released as per user requirements and, doesn’t have the complications, I would say, it is a quality product. Bug-free : If the product is reached 80% of the user requirements and, as long as there are no dangerous severity and priority bugs, the product could be considered as bug-free
21. If you have an application, but you do not have any requiremnts available, then how would you perform the testing?
Ans)By exploratory or adhoc testing, by going thru database design, then we will get an idea how to go about testing or first understand the functionality of the application by asking business analyst or PM and then know what is the business requirement for it and get a justification from them.
22. How can you know if a test case is necessary?
Ans) if the requirement upon an application is not satisfied then we write testcase for that particular requirement. It may take many test cases to determine that a requirement is fully satisfied. In order to fully test that all the requirements of an application are met, there must be at least one test case for each requirement unless a requirement has sub requirements. In that situation, each sub requirement must have at least one test case.
23. What is peer review in practical terms?
Ans) peer review means one to one(meeting), usually it will be done by team lead.
24. How do you know when you have enough test cases to adequately test a software system or module?
Ans) make sure the test cases covers the entire functionality to be tested and traceable with requirements.
25. Who approved your test cases?
Ans) test lead
26. What will you when you find a bug?
Ans) Post the bug in bug tracking tool
27. What test plans have you written?
28. What is QA? What is Testing? Are they both same or different?
29. How to write Negative Testcase? Give ex.
30. In an application currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to re-test the whole application or is it enough to just test functionality associated with that module?
Ans) if time is short, then we will test the modified module of code, otheriwse if that paticular module of code effecting other module functonality, then we have to test both the module functionlaities( what we call is impact analysis)
31. What is included in test strategy? What is overall process of testing step by step and what are various documnets used testing during process?
Ans) Test strategy is creating a procedure of how to test the software and creating a strategy what all to be tested(screens,process,modules,..)and time limts for testing process(automated or manual) .So everything has to be planned and implemented.Testing overall procedure is the duties of software test is to go through the requirment documents and functional specification and based on those documents one should focus on writing test cases , which covers all the functionality to be tested.The tester should carry out all these procedures at the time of application under development. Once the build is ready for testing we know what to test and how to proceed for the testing.
32. What is the most challenging situation you had during testing?
Ans) tell ur own challenging thing that u have faced( best answer to give is working
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