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 Fault Handling

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PostSubject: Fault Handling   Fault Handling Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 7:18 pm

Fault Handling

Two types of Fault handling mechanisms
1 Process Level
2 Domain Level

Types of Faults

System Faults
Business Faults
Run Time Faults

Process Level

In this we handle the faults with the help of catch and catch all activities
It is used to handle specific fault

Catch all

It is used to handle all faults
Without specific name of fault

System Fault

Through System

Selection failure
Conflicting receive
Conflicting request
Join failure
Forced Termination
Invalid Reply
Binding fault and Remot fault etc…….

Business Fault

These are application specific faults when there is a problem with the information being processed

Runtime fault
These are common for all applications
These are standard faults

Remote fault
If the service down remote fault will occur

If the server crash binding fault will occur
In the real time scenario

Domain Level

Fault policy.xml
Fault policybinding.xml

By using these 2 files we will handle domain level faults

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Fault Handling
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