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 What's wrong with BPEL?

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PostSubject: What's wrong with BPEL?   Sun May 22, 2011 6:54 pm

What's wrong with BPEL?
● BPEL does not provide everything that a business process needs
This leads to proprietary extensions
This in turn defies a decisive purpose of BPEL to be able to exchange process
definitions between BPM workflow engines.
● No standard or recommended approach for
Dealing with non-Web Services services
Dealing with non-XML data sources
Dealing with human interaction
● BPEL is hard to create by hand and modeling tools do not provide
enough abstraction (?)
● BPEL does not support the Multi-merge pattern because it lacks
support for the invocation of sub-processes.
● BPEL does not support the Arbitrary cycles pattern
● Model synchronization is a general BPM challenge
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What's wrong with BPEL?
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